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Health Spending Accounts (HSA)
An HSA (Private Health Services Plan) is a Canada Revenue Agency approved method to provide medical, dental, and vision benefits in a tax efficient manner. A corporation can write off 100% of the costs related to its HSA and all expenses reimbursed are tax-free to the employees.

Medical, dental, and vision are the standard categories offered to employees in an HSA.

How it works

Ultimate Benefit Plan Customization
We can customize any plan to fit the employer's needs. We can carve out items and also work alongside a traditional insured benefit plan.
Cost Control
If insurance premiums are driving up costs, employers can set up creative plans with set amounts per employee to keep the cost of employe benefit within budget while giving their employees what they want.
Reporting & Real Time Data
As claims are submitted, approved and paid, the tracking of everything in in real time. Balances and reports always accurately reflect the activity going on in the system to the second.
Online Support
We offer a 24/7 LIVE chat, no bots. Our chat is run in-house by our own employees and with an additional Help Center for quick reference.


A non-taxable alternative or supplement to a traditional benefits plan, offered on our completely digital platform. An HSA can be used to "carve out" infrequently used coverage such as orthodontics or vision care.
A taxable spending account provided by employers to promote healthier lifestyles and employee satisfaction. A WSA will typically encompass what the company believes are items that reward and incentivize their staff.
myFlexplan allows an employee to select from the list of available options the benefits that best suit the employee's needs based on their stage of life, and allocate their funds accordingly.
Inside the myASO plan, the employer can drill down to the sub-item level and completely customize the non-taxable and taxable lists with category limits and yearly caps. myASO also allows the option to allow funds pooled or per individual family member.
With this plan, employees receive a set amount of money from their employers to allocate where they please. Employees "shop" and purchase whatever benefit products best suit their needs for their stage of life.
This plan allows employers to offer some of our add-on products on a standalone basis without a spending account on the side.



It's never been easier to be your healthiest. Wello helps you get well and keep well with your personalized virtual medical care by phone, video and secure messaging, along with 24/7 on-call support.

Snapclarity Tier 1
Snapclarity Tier 2
Homewood Classic

Homewood Classic
Employee and Family Assistance Program

Clinical check-in at the 4th session
Counselling Services
Life Balance Coaching Services
Career Smart Coaching Services
Health Smart Coaching Services

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Homewood Premium

Homewood Premium
Employee and Family Assistance Program

Homewood Classic coverage plus:
Clinical Check-in at 6th session
Depression Care included/pre-approved (longer term therapy treatment)
ONE - Three Hour TeamCare Case

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EQ Care

Virtual Healthcare by EQ Care

EQ Care includes:
24/7 service
General medical consultations
Specialist referrals
Prescription renewals
Chronic disease management

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ALAViDA Hello TRAiL Premium
Epilogue - Will Only
Epilogue - Will + Incapacity


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